Deck those halls!

At this time of year I go down onto the Leeds Liverpool canal bank to do what I call a Christmas treat for the trees growing there.  Yesterday the canal was severely frozen, and seems load bearing.  It also had a fantastical finish to the ice:

I’ve no idea how this came about but I think it’s a combination of the very low temperatures and hoar-frost, think I’ll make it a Christmas header:

I walked along the bank as the sun was falling to the horizon, the ice looked spectacular:

Anyways, what I was looking for was this:

I am well aware that ivy does not parasitize its host trees and that it provides shelter for birds and insects, but I have also seen trees fallen over from the extra loading heavy growth can add:

And I do somehow feel sorry for trees wrapped up like this:

So that’s how I justify the decking of the halls at home:

We like a bit of greenery at Christmas

A happy and peaceful time to you all and best wishes for a prosperous (but not so much that it spoils the fun) New Year.


It should be a day for sitting by the stove today making spoons:

However, it’s going to be a logging and bowl carving day, considering the snow is making things rather tricky on the roads, I guess I should stay off them and make room for people who really need to travel.  Looks like yet another delay for the moorland chair delivery.  Here’s the table that is part of the order:

I think this has turned out well. The legs and rungs are all just worked with hand tools, no turning.  This makes a good contrast with the Elm top.  I can’t help feeling there’s some feel of a henge about this!

The travelling is even affecting the Leeds Liverpool canal that runs past our house.  On Sunday we saw a barge struggling to go forwards, and after the -9.5C temperatures on Sunday night it must be frozen in somewhere by now.

There is some compensation to all this cold stuff, but not for the sheep, poor beggars, who no doubt couldn’t care less about the picturesque sun sets.