Nu roof


SAMSUNG CSCnearly a roof on me new workshop …

SAMSUNG CSC..well on one side anyway …

SAMSUNG CSC … could just do with a bit more felt on and some tiles out of the plastic bags and onto the roof, may have to wait until after Christmas, but subsequent to the photo felted both sides now and the floor concreted.


I received this kind comment by email from Terry in Wisconsin, the comments on my blog seem to be broken …



Tried to leave a comment at your site, it wouldn’t allow but I wanted to let you know how entertaining your blog has been this year as it is winding down. Your new digs look grand and if it makes for better “green woodworking” you should have it. I am associated with a green wood group in Belgium, who teach primarily from the Ename forest near Oudenaarde although I live in Wisconsin, long story. You may have met Chris Nuyens at the Bodgers Ball with little Alwin his son, he continues the work in Belgium while I muddle on here attempting to spread the green word.
So any way, I like your blog as your style and mine are a fair match, I am always searching for another way to be involved, to get my hands on, to research and delve into another project and to mingle with like people, that is often the best part.
Hope you and yours have a grand holiday season.

Terry Vetrono

New woodburner, new woods

I spent most of this afternoon on the roof getting a new flue-liner in place for our new to us Norwegian stove. It was rather a struggle, at one point it was so stuck it seemed like it would never go down the chimney, 7 metres of stainless 6 inch flue pipe on the top of our roof is not so much fun. But …

We finally got it down. And then brought in the repaired Trolla Brugge and got it nearly installed:

But in the morning we went to look at Hawkcliffe Woods which are in the process of being transferred to BEAT

It is being gifted for community use – I hear courses and Forest School activities calling. It’s a super wood, with no public access and was thinned about 10 years ago and has some great clearings – just right for shelters, workshops, compost toilets mmmm …

So now, after a very exciting day – rest:

And it’s stopped raining!